About Runnin' Lopes Baseball

Winning has become the tradition at Lamar Community College. With numerous conference championships and district playoffs under its belt in recent years, LCC Baseball has become a top program in the country.

Under Coach Crampton, the Runnin’ Lopes have averaged over 40 wins a year and over a .800% winning percentage in conference play over the past 20+ years. Additionally the Lopes had three seasons of over 50 wins in 2002 (59), 04 (50), and 05 (51). In 2002 the LCC baseball team finished third in the JUCO World Series.

The Baseball program continues to place players at four-year colleges and universities after their playing days at LCC, with well over two hundred players being placed after graduating. The professional ranks have drafted or signed well over thirty former players as free agents during this time. Currently, Brandon McCarthy is a starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers after starring at LCC in 2002.