Runnin' Lopes Booster Club

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The RUNNIN’ LOPES BOOSTER CLUB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by fans and supporters of our College.

It is the goal of the RUNNIN’ LOPES BOOSTER CLUB to encourage community & college collaboration and by highlighting and advancing LCC’s athletic programs. We plan to have a number of membership events, meetings, and fund raisers throughout the year.

All proceeds from the Club will go directly to LCC for athletic scholarships and expenses and benefit all sports. LCC’s administration is grateful for the Booster Club’s promotion of and assistance to LCC Athletics.

Booster Club Membership Application

Runnin’ Lopes Athletics and You

Complying with NJCAA and Region IX Rules and Regulations

The Lamar Community College Athletics department is grateful to the many alumni, donors, fans and friends who support the Lopes each year. One of the most important qualities of any intercollegiate athletic program is integrity. As a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Region IX Conference, LCC has a responsibility to educate administrators, coaches, student-athletes and other representatives of institutional athletic interests about the rules that could affect their association with the program. Runnin’ Lopes Athletics is striving to remain in compliance with the guidelines of the NJCAA and Region IX.

You are a representative of Runnin’ Lopes Athletic interests!

As a supporter of Runnin’ Lopes Athletics, you and your involvement are greatly appreciated by the administration, coaching staff and student-athletes. We encourage you to attend as many events as possible, introduce Runnin’ Lopes Athletics to friends and business associates, support our fund-raising efforts, and consider student-athletes for summer employment.

However, as important as your assistance is to the program, it is equally critical to know that the college and its athletic program could be jeopardized if you unintentionally or intentionally violate NJCAA or Region IX regulations. Maintaining institutional control over the administration of the Lamar Community College Athletics program, including recruiting, is our highest concern.

What is “compliance”?

Compliance is a fundamental requirement of LCC’s membership in the NJCAA and Region IX. As a supporter of Runnin’ Lopes Athletics, you are bound by NJCAA and Region IX regulations, and LCC is responsible for your actions. Failure to comply with NJCAA and Region IX rules could result in severe penalties or sanctions against LCC’s athletics programs and its student-athletes.

You should be aware that the NJCAA PROHIBITS the following:

  • Permitting an athlete to receive assistance, in cash or in kind, which is not administered by the institution, or which does not fall within the permissible limits of a grant-in-aid (tuition & books)
  • Permitting a member of a student-athlete’s family to receive assistance, in cash or in kind.
  • Contributing to the payment of registration fees for prospects to attend sports camps  
  • Mailing anything of benefit to a prospective student-athlete except personal letters  
  • Permitting athletes to engage in employment for which they receive greater compensation, or in which they are not required to work as hard as others in similar employment or which is otherwise not legitimate employment
  • Paying transportation costs for prospects or their friends and relatives to visit Lamar  
  • Permitting a prospective student-athlete to be solicited to attend their institution by the promise of gift or any aid or inducement other than that of a Grant-in-Aid permitted by NJCAA and Region IX rules
  • Contacting student-athletes enrolled at other two-year institutions to explore the possibilities for transferring to LCC
  • Permitting or arranging for excessive entertainment of a prospect on campus or elsewhere during the prospects official visit
  • Providing a student-athlete with a discount, payment plan or credit on a service
  • Providing a student-athlete with professional services without charge or at a reduced cost
  • Permitting the institution or a representative of its athletic interests to provide an automobile for use by a prospect or the prospect’s student host during the prospect’s official visit
  • Permitting any outside organization, agency or group of individuals to utilize, administer or expend funds for recruiting prospects, including the transportation and entertainment of, and the giving of gifts or services to, prospects or their relatives or friends
  • Allowing a student-athlete to use a phone or credit card without charge or at a reduced rate
  • Making available to student-athletes services (movie tickets, dinners, use of car, etc.) from commercial agencies without charge or at a reduced rate
  • Providing a student-athlete with extra benefits or services including but not limited to loaning money or guaranteeing a bond, use of an automobile, signing or cosigning a note with an outside agency to arrange a loan

What can I do to help?

  • You may provide a student athlete or an entire team with an occasional meal (e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas). All arrangements must be made in advance with the athletic director and head coach.
  • You may be involved with the institution’s “adopt an athlete program” under the following conditions:  
  1. Approval of the college administration.
  2. Utilizing the occasional family meal.
  3. The program is administered by the institution.
  4. No monetary transactions may transpire from the “parent” to the adoptive student-athlete (i.e. loans, co-signing, long distance telephone calls, tickets).
  5. No trips involving excessive mileage and/or expense.
  6. No free tickets paid for by “parent”.

NJCAA regulations regarding booster clubs:

  • The financial records of booster clubs and similar organizations which assist athletic programs must be open and available to college officials.
  • All transactions of a booster type organization which assist a college athletic program in any way (e.g. equipment purchases, recruitment expenses, grant-in-aid, etc.) must be authorized by the college president or an employee designated by the president.
  • All booster club funds used for grant-in-aid must be administered in compliance with Article VIII, Part A, Section 3. (Grants-in-Aid shall be administered by the institution through the office, department, or division which administers financial funds for enrolled students.)

For more information, contact LCC Athletic Director Scott Crampton at or 719.336.1681.